Solutions to Solve the Effects of Climate Change
Week 3

Placed by Raminder Mac 2017/Oct/21
Choithram School
Asia India


Students of class 9 were divided into three groups comprising of 9 to 10 students. They researched about solutions to solve the effects of climate change at a personal, local and global level and thereafter wrote the script for their presentations. Subsequently they showcased their presentation in front of other group members. Here is a presentation by one of the groups highlighting the solutions through a musical street play performance. Five Core skills viz., ‘critical thinking and problem solving’, 'communication and collaboration', 'creativity and imagination', ‘student leadership’ and ‘citizenship’ of the young learners were enhanced during the process as they worked independently in their groups.


Week One - Students collaborating and writing a rap song
Week Two - Causes and Effects of Climate Change in India
Solutions to Solve the Effects of Climate Change