La Purísima Valencia EFI / Sagrada Familia PJO Valencia

This week was the second most creative after they had started to think of Actions: Students brainstormed about finding solutions and indeed 5 of them decided to give up car rides to go to school, instead they walk all together! They start being conscious of turning off the computer and the proyector before leaving the classroom.

The remote part of teaching has been done with the collaborative Jamboard.


Buy products packed in cardboard, not plastic.
Install filters to purify smoke from factories
Plant gardens on the roofs of buildings and replant burnt and felled trees
Install more charging stations for electric cars.

Reduction in the use of air conditioning during summer and heating during winter. One solution may be to use blankets or less clothing.

Do not buy from industrial factories that I am unaware of the problem.

Reduction of energy consumption with solar panels. With this resource we can reduce the abuse of non-renewable energies.

Buy seasonal fruits to reduce transport.

Plant the plants because they help reduce carbon dioxide

You can buy cars that consume less

Turn off the lights for the morning and use natural light

Turn on the heating only when needed

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