Shelly A Muñoz is an award-winning educator, 20+ year veteran of the classroom, staff development instructor, and university professor. Her numerous recognitions include “Teacher of the Year” twice and “California Golden Bell” award winner twice. She has been privileged to teach science from 5th- 10th grades and has been chosen for many prestigious opportunities such as Space Camp for Educators & Sustainability Ambassador ( Honeywell ) Zero G's ( Northrop Grumman) NASA Ambassador and MAVEN ambassador, just to name a few.

Shelly has authored several educational journals is featured in the NSTA STEM Challenges and Academic Success. She has delivered conference keynotes, workshops, and presentations in 10 states, Asia and Europe. Shelly is a STEM consultant, educational literacy consultant for Digi-Tells, and has appeared on numerous television shows and newscast ~ promoting literacy, science education, and STEM. Shelly is the founder of STEMbraced with Love, an educational outreach program that travels to orphanages throughout the world inspiring all children to reach for their dreams.
Shelly was recently awarded the title of Global Goodwill Ambassador to Malawi. She is working with a team building a school in Malawi Africa. Her passion is serving those in need and believe that education is the foundation for building a sustainably and prosperous life.

Shelly's is a #1 Best Selling author. Her books include ” The Journey of the Dragonfly, Hearing God’s Voice Among the Chaos” - “You, Me & the Kitchen Sink~ the Joy of Single Parenthood", _ Shell~a~brations and Glitter~tudes- How to Manage Anything". She was a contributing author for Sarah Ban Breathnach's "Peace and Plenty" where she is a certified workshop leader for “Simple Abundance” &“Peace and Plenty”. In August, she will be featured in an anthology entitled bLU- Business Life Universe, which is a book that highlights 30+ authors’ thoughts on success. Currently, she host her own webinar~ “Heart Song of the Valley" a webinar that showcases amazing acts of love and incredible stories of people giving back in their communities.
Shelly is an actor, producer and comic book enthusiast. She is a team member and judge for the Show Low Film Festival- and is currently working on her first screenplay. She is a “Lifestyle Model”, and has worked with prestigious labels such as Alexis Vogel Cosmetics, Marc DeFang, and Sonia Noel Deigns, just to name a few.
Lastly, her greatest gift, pride, and joy in life is being a mother. She has two sons- Michael (33) and Matthew (17) and is the proud momma of three fur babies- Chewy, Stella Luna and Neoma.