Olivera Kolaric by profession biology teacher with current position biology teacher at elementary school "Brana Pavlovic" in Konjuh, elementary school "Zabare" Zabare, elementary school "Stanislav Binicki" Jasika
Work experience:
Biology teacher at the Brana Pavlovic Elementary School Konjuh
Extension of Biology at Žabare Elementary School
Teacher of biology at elementary school "Jovan Popovic" Krusevac
Teacher of biology at elementary school "Stanislav Binicki" Jasika - Krusevac
Professor of biology at the music school "Stevan Hristic" Krusevac
Teacher of Biology at the Strahinja Popović Elementary Hall
Research associate at the Research Institute of Forage Plants - Krusevac
Research associate in French Institute projects
Research associate at Science Club Krusevac - Science Promotion Center Belgrade
Research Associate in Research Papers of the Uzice Public Health Institute
- Member of the Environmental Education Task Force of the City of Krusevac and for the implementation and implementation of the Local Environmental Protection Program of the City of Krusevac since 2010
- President of the professional association of biologists Krusevac BIOKS
- Author and coordinator of the project "Ecocamp - Ecobudity 2017"
- Author and coordinator of Ekokamp 2018 project "Let's find out Jasterebac"
- Author and implementer of the "Small School of Gulching" project Center for Science Promotion Belgrade at Science Club Krusevac
- Coordinator of activities at Science Club Krusevac
Author and implementer of the ongoing project "The Secret of the Water Cell of Lake Cells" Science Promotion Center 2019-2020
- Organizer and coordinator of numerous events for students of Krusevac region at district level (Scientific combination, Interactive workshops of the French Institute, ecological events at local and global level)
- candidate for Vidovdan Award 2017 of the City of Krusevac in the field of environmental education of children and cultural activities of the City of Krusevac
- Associate in the UG Treehaus Empower Project