Myself Neeta Chhabra, I am working as PGT Political Science in DLDAV Model School, Pitampura, Delhi. Being in the education sector for the last 32 years, I enjoy being around my students and trying to help them get their start in life. What really makes me positively wanting to be a teacher is ‘my students’. I cherish the times when they say that having me as a teacher helped them. I am an educator because I want to make a difference and some kind of positive impact on society today. With the increased focus on global competition, I tend to prepare my students to compete and succeed by using creativity and ingenuity, being able to work with people from all parts of the world. My ardent hope is that my students have roots in culture and tradition and imbibe the values of DAV culture and yet achieve best in their lives. To know that you have done something to help a young person have a better chance at success in life, for me, is the best sentiment experienced.