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Experienced certified trainer by Gaia Education, UK (Mindful Facilitation, UN SDGs Multiplier Training) & GEM International Singapore (Corporate Training), with a demonstrated work history in the education management & telecom industries. Enthusiastic advocate for Holistic Wellness, Sustainability, Faith/ religion inspired approach for Earth's regeneration, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainable Tourism and Climate Action.
Believes in education beyond classroom & other boundaries. Advocates experiential learning & participatory techniques for community development. Passionate about bridging the gap between academia and practice. Research interests include "Role of Gender" in Marketing (Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Retail, Fashion, Tourism, Sustainability) and Education (Autonomous Learning, 21st Century Educational Practices, Capacity Building). Has a keen interest in exploring the inter-linkage between "Islam, Spirituality and Sustainable Development" through academic research and practical application in society.