Secondary school №11 of Romny

We decided to create a team of Eco-rangers at school who will initiate and organize different events and activities to draw public attention to the problem of climate change. We must take actions and do something right now because our lives, the survival of all living beings depends on it. We found out the solutions and started from the small steps at our local level.  We continued planting trees and composting food scraps. It helps to suck carbon out of the air and stabilize the climate. Environmental awareness and education is very important as well so we organized a quest for children from the 7-th forms and trainings for younger kids how to sort out garbage correctly. We cleaned up the territory of the local forest to make it a better and cleaner place and hung the bird feeders there.

We urge to use energy and all the resources wisely: save water at home, decrease energy use: unplug computers, TVs and other electronics when you’re not using them, use energy-efficient light bulbs. Walk more, use your bike or public transport instead of cars. Consume less, waste less, remember the 3 R`s: reduce, reuse and recycle. Try to have healthy habits: eat less meat, choose local foods and buy food with less packaging. Let us all work together to make this world a better place for living! We deserve to be healthy, enjoy the nature, live together in harmony, peace and prosperity for many years to come!

Sumy region
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