Let’s Talk
Week 4

Placed by Raminder Mac 2017/Nov/4
Choithram School
Asia India


Grade 9 students of our school shared their learning with Elizabeth’s year 7 students of Nairobi Academy Prep School, Nairobi. Students of both the schools apprised each other about the causes and effects of climate change in their country along with the possible solutions at the personal/local/global level.  Our students also told their peers in Nairobi about production of compost in the school from dry scattered leaves lying waste in the campus as well as making handicrafts from recycled material.  The students of Nairobi enumerated how they had banned plastic bags to safeguard the environment.  Our school too has taken up this initiative of saying ‘No to plastic bags’. In this context we have got cloth bags stitched and if we see any visitor in the campus with a plastic bag we take the plastic bag and give that cloth bag in return hoping that these people will help in spreading our message further.


Week One - Students collaborating and writing a rap song
Week Two - Causes and Effects of Climate Change in India
Solutions to Solve the Effects of Climate Change