Great international exposure having lived in several countries around the world and alternating between public and private institutions as part of my education.

I'm quick on my feet and like a challenge. My ability to self-criticize has allowed me to further reinforce existing strengths and highlight areas for potential improvement. I value interdisciplinary work and collaboration between people. I consider establishing connections of trust and mutual respect as essential to success.

General Interests:
- Climate Change
- Environmental Sustainability/Engineering
- International Affairs
- Chemistry, Physics, Maths
- Athletics
- Human Rights

Research Interests:
- Photovoltaics
- Biomass generation
- Biofuel production
- Water Desalination (By reverse osmosis and UV)
- Renewable Forms Of Energy; Solar, Geothermal, Tidal, OTEC, Hydrothermal etc...
- Geoengineering