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School: Delhi Public School Mihan Nagpur 10 students are involved

Projects 2021

Causes of Climatic Changes

Our PPT talks about all the major causes of climate change.

Effect of Climate Change in Maharashtra

Students formed a group and collected information on effects of climate change on our state. We had a group discussion on the information that was collected by the students. All the members of our group have started using Earth Project App. Even though we have submitted this video we are still working on different aspects and will be updating our work accordingly.

Causes and effects of climate change globally.

Students tried to find out causes and effects of climate change on global level. Students have created an imaginary character Alex who tries to find out causes and effects of climate change on global level and teaches the students how to prevent climate change and reduce its effects.

Potential Solutions to prevent climate change.

Students studied about potential solutions to prevent the climate change. They pledged to have green diwali this year. The students have decicded that they will use cycles as a mode of transport wherever possible.

Exchange of ideas with students of a school in Belgium

Our students had a great time  interacting with students of Belgium. They asked them different questions related to use of green energy, Paris agreement and effects of climate change on their country. Overall it was a fun learning experience where students shared their knowledge.


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