Runa Chatterjee, PGT English Teacher, Adobe Ambassador, SDGs Ambassador

Runa Chatterjee

Co-teacher: Vaibhav Kapoor
I’m Runa Chatterjee, an English language facilitator, who has been engaged in guiding students of Classes XI and XII for the past 11 years. As a facilitator it has given a deeper sight into me, my vision and my goals. Interaction with people from all over the globe has empowered me to engage peacefully and effectively with every individual, who in return has added something positive into my basic contour. Working in association with Microsoft and the practical usage of its wonderful tools with


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School: Ajanta Public School, Sector 31, Gurgaon, Haryana, India. 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 16&17 years Année

Projects 2021

Effects & causes of Climate Action

The child (Muskan) spoke about the real reasons and effects for the Climate Action.

Global causes and effects

The students of my Climate Action Class had two collaborative sessions with Moldova and Ukraine. In both the sessions the students tried to figure out the viable methods and remdies for restoring healthy climatic conditions to their respective countries. They also tried to figure out the major issues in their countries which brought about climatic anomalies.

Collaborative sessions with Ukraine & Moldova

Students discussed at length the climatic anomalies sited in both the countries and tried to give viable solutions.

Discussion with Japan, Lebanon & Indonesia regarding solutions for Climatic anomalies and pollution control.

There were three sessions in which students collaborated with Japan, Lebanon and Indonesia and figured out solutions to climatic problems in the three countries.

Plantation drive

Students planted saplings and also other group og students created a minecraft (PPT) giving solution to help get industrial wastes removed from water bodies and restore easy drinkable water.


Images by Runa Chatterjee 2021-10-16Chatterjee
Images by Runa Chatterjee 2021-10-16Chatterjee
Images by Runa Chatterjee 2021-10-16Chatterjee
Images by Runa Chatterjee 2021-10-16Chatterjee