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School: IC DON MILANI CARBONIA 14 students are involved

Projects 2021

Natural and human causes of climate change

After a brief description and viewing of the videos on the difference between time and climate, we focused on the causes of climate change by dividing them into 2 types: natural ones, which occur in nature and human ones, that is, which depend on wrong human habits.

Effects of climate change

Students worked on vocabulary about the effects of climate change 

Other environmental issues

The students reflect on the other environmental issues that affect our planet, such as air/ water pollution-overpopulation- engaged species and so on.


Students watch some videos about different solutions that explain how much they can do  to save the environment also in their simple everyday lifestyle.

Students' interactions

Students discuss about what they can do to protect the world in which they live. They watched videos about the event "Lego Build the change". 

Taking everyday sustainable actions

The students decided to modify their bad everyday actions in differents ways: turn off the lights, not waste water, apply the 3 R (recycle, reuse and reduce) and so on. 


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