Fazla Sharmil

Sri Lanka
Co-teacher: Shaziya Fayaz
Hi , I am a nature lover who ends up being an educator. I really love teaching and it is awesome to be around the kids. I have got two sisters and I am the second. My dad passed away last year February I am still going through that grief.  I love instilling project based learning in my students and we did aquaponics and biogas. My students became global winners in YOUR WORLD 2019/2020 – WATERS OF THE WORLD, GLOBAL WINNERS competition. 


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School: Iman Academy 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-15 Année

Projects 2021

Global Warming and OUR planet

 Year 7 students were introduced to climate change and discussed what happens to our global home if we do not change our activities. They drew what they felt.

How carbon cycle is affected cz of our actions.

Carbon cycle is a natural cycle which keeps our planet going smoothly. Unfortunately our haman actions have greater impact on the cycle and now this has affecected our planet.

Food miles

How importing food has affected the climate change?

Bio gas and climate change

The biogas is to help achieve emissions reductions and mitigate many of the impacts of climate change through capturing organic wastes, producing renewable energy, and returning nutrients and organic content to the soil.

The solar oven

A pollution free non rewnewable energy source is solar oven.


Aquaponics is a form of gardening that lets you grow vegetables and fish at the same time all in a closed system. It involves using fish to provide nutrients for the plants, while the plants filter the water for the fish.


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Images by Fazla Sharmil 2021-10-24Sharmil
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Images by Fazla Sharmil 2021-11-03Sharmil