Cristiana Pivetta

Cristiana Pivetta

Cristiana Pivetta is a teacher of Italian literature and language Italian Culture and History, at the I.T.C.G. Angioy in Carbonia. She deals with years of online training and in the presence of intelligent and strategic use of technologies in everyday teaching. Her approach to the use of technology, as an innovative Design, is simple: first common sense, didactic objectives and skills, then the use of different tools in a strategic key and strongly managed by careful application o


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School: I.T.C.G. Angioy, Carbonia 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 14-17 Année

Projects 2021

Explore climate change

With the students we tried to define what climate change consists of and how it impacts on biodiversity.

Riflessioni sul cambiamento climatico

Consulta il nostro percorso sul cambiamento climatico e indaga insieme anoi le cause

Climate Change

Inquinamento atmosferico

Varie tipologie di inquinamento


Lo sviluppo sostenibile

Questo è il documento definitivo elaborato dagli studenti sullo sviluppo sostenibile e sulle possibili soluzioni.

Consulta il link per ciò che concerne le specie a rischio.