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Co-teacher: varsha
Being a Kindergarten teacher for 7 years and happy shaping the young minds to become independent learners. I am passionate about SDG and super excited to be a part of it...


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School: Manchester International School 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 4-6 Année

Projects 2021

Causes of climate change

It is a great oppurtunity for our children to inquire about the climate change and its causes. We discussed a lot on human activities and causes of climate change.They were also excited to share their findings using proper words.(Vocabulary). They reflected their finding beautifully through illustrations .

WEEK 2- Causes and effects of climate change

Our UKG children reflected their understanding on ‘Causes and Effects of climate change’ through art and craft activities using different materials. They also exchanged their thoughts with their peers during the live session.


Week 3-Collaborating for a cause

We UKG from Manchester International School got an oppurtunity to collaborate with Ramakrishna missiion, Calicut. It was a great time indeed ,where we( Mentors and Children) shared our thoughts, exchanged informations, showcased our knowledge in different forms etc., It was really a great moment for us to see our young champs as a responibile individuals who are taking actions to make our planet as a better place to live on...! 

Causes, Evidence and how to manage Climate change.

After discussing the causes and effects of climate change our children shared the threats, impacts and possible local and global actions that can be taken by them. To evident this a concept map is created during a live session.

Week 5- "Be the change'

After discussing on farm factories and how they creating a massive defects on our climate , we have decided to bring small changes into our lives. We had a snacks party during our live session where the children shared the recopies of snacks without any animal products such as butter, milk, egg ,ghee etc., They also discussed about the alternate ingredients which has the same/ more nutrition level and about reducing farm products in their diet.

Calling for actions

Be the change...!

Taking action

Chidren understood their responsibilities and started making lifestyle changes and local actions to save our planet for the future.


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