Nikita Mandot

Co-teacher: Nalini Gharat

School: Euro School Airoli 100 students are involved The average age of the students: 12-13 Año

Projects 2022

Causes Of Climate Change by Euro School Airoli (India)

Students of Euro School Airoli ( Mumbai, India) Grade 8, were all enthusiastic to be part of Climate Action Project. We combined Week 1 and Week 2 and asked them to research about causes and effects of climate change. The Project is certainly heling the younger generation think over and make changes in their daily lives, to minimise this effect globally. Thanks to the Team CAP

Effects Of Climate Change, by Euro School Airoli (India)

Students of Grade 8 were astonished to see the effects caused beacause human activities in the Climate. The research done on causes and effects has created awareness among the younger generation and they all vow to put an effort to minimise the Effects. 

Effects of Climate Change on Plants, Animals and Humans

Students of grade 8, did analysis of Climate Change Effects on Plants, Animals and Humans around the areas they stay. Students also did surveys for different age groups, to understand the effects on the environment. 

Solutions to Climate Change

After Studying the causes and effects of Climate Change Globally as well as in local area, through surveys, Grade 8 Students of Euro School Airoli have made up their mind to solve the climate change effects.

Students were all focused in finding out various solutions to minimise the effect and how can they implement them.

Climate Change Survey

Students of Grade 8, at Euro School Airoli conducted a survey with different catagories of population to understand the changes in climate. The catagories were elderly people(Senior Citizens), middle aged people and youngsters.

Taking their views help the students understand drastic changes in climate before and now.

Climate Action Awareness Campaign

Students of Grade 8, organized a Climate Action Awareness Campaign on the Sports Day held in School. The Students acted as the Climate Educators, by sharing information about Causes and Effects of Climate Change and minimum Changes one can do in daily lives to minimise these Effects. They enthusiastically educated all the audience present on the Sports Day.


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Images by Nikita Mandot Mandot 2022-11-29Mandot
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