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Co-teacher: Dinçer TORUN, Asiye YILMAZ


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School: Şehit Polis Volkan Sabaz İlkokulu 26 students are involved The average age of the students: 9-10 Año

Projects 2020

Our interview/Röportajımız

We invited the meteorology engineer with our students, who is an expert on climate. Our students asked their questions about climate and climate change.

Online Training

On October 7, 2020, we attended the online training "Pandemic and climate change: environmental challenges to our social-economic system" with our teachers at our school.


What are the potential solutions for climate change and / or specific environmental problems?
Our students answered the question by making cartoons.

Our story book

My students wrote a story. And they drew pictures of this story. I made our story into a book.We did volcano experiment with our students.

Our students made feeders for the birds.


Student Webinar


Today we matched with Israel as part of our project. Project coordinator Karina Batat introduced us to her schools and project work. The students made their presentations. A very nice webinar. Thank you.

Climate Action Day

​I am so glad I had the chance to take part in this project. I attended the webinar with our students in the last week of the project.Our students did very good activities in this project.


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