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School: OŠ "August Cesarec" Ivankovo 66 students are involved The average age of the students: 13 Año

Projects 2022

Climate change

Climate change is caused by global warming and causes the development of unfavorable climatic conditions on Earth, for example, an increase in temperature, sea level and precipitation. The main cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Other human activities, such as agriculture and deforestation, also contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases.

Effects of climate changes

air pollution warming the planet rise in temperature drier floods

Climate changes

We can make positive changes through joint efforts.

Responsible behavior

Man is the biggest cause of climate change and pollution. It is necessary to take appropriate measures.


Small steps to big changes

Change in us and around us

Man is the key to change.


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