Ma. Lesa Santianez

Grade 7 Science teacher of V&G National High School. Do have a bike in going to school which is just less than 3km away from home. Maintained a small garden in school with some herbal plants with the hope that some of our parents may ask some of it to plant in their respective homes.


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School: V&G National High School 20 students are involved

Projects 2022


Students were given permit to join the Climate Change Project 2022 to ensure parents knew and approve of the said 'adventure' for the students during Values Education classes. Video presentations were given to present Climate Action Project 2022 together with lesson on climate change and its causes. Students then made some artwork presenting the causes of climate change the following class day.


Tree Planting Activity

Students joined the closing of the Science Month Celebration and with the Youth for Environment in School-Organization (YES-O) officers conducted a tree planting activity.


Students were able to see themselves in the CAP website and appreciate videos from other schools/countries. Identified as one of the effect of climate change was the occurrences of super typhoons hence they shared their unique experiences about it. Clean-up drive was initiated after the sharing as a concrete manifestation of mitigating climate chnage.

Project Rubber Bike Rack

The school do have students who ride their bikes on the way to school. Rubber bike stands would encourage students to continue riding their bikes to school and at the same time recycle used tires.


Students had the chance of watching videos again from other schools followed by a glimpse of the Lego Build the Change Webinar. At the end of the session, they simply come up with the design for their glass tumbler challenge, print and pasted it on the available glass tumblers meant for them. This way they would like to encourage other students to bring a tumbler to school instead of buying bottled water in the canteen.


Students had the opportunity to watch the webinar through Youtube the following day.


Images by Ma. Lesa Santianez 2022-10-07Santianez
Images by Ma. Lesa Santianez 2022-10-07Santianez
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Images by Ma. Lesa Santianez 2022-10-18Santianez
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Images by Ma. Lesa Santianez 2022-11-07Santianez