İlknur Birer

Co-teacher: Fikret Akça
I'm literature teacher.I carry out studies at our school with my students on the subjects of environment, climate and zero waste.. We are also carrying out an erasmus ka210 project on this subject.


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School: Canik Türk Telekom Vocational and Technical High School 16 students are involved The average age of the students: 17 Año

Projects 2022

Climate change,zero waste, and compost education..

To draw attention and raise awareness with innovative approaches for sustainable agriculture practices. The global warming and climate change caused by the emission of greenhouse gases
are at the top of the global agenda today (IPCC, 2014). As a result of the researches and the preliminary surveys we conducted about the climate change and its effects on habitat, we realized that the issue is much more worriying than it is estimated. The COVID-19 crisis showed us how vulnerable and important a functioning food system is for our society. European Commission agreed the Farm to Fork Strategy for an environmentally friendly , healty food system and biodiversty. we all want to raise awareness level with the help of the organic farming activities we will carry out. We
will lead to widespread the small vertical greenhouse system that can be installed even in buildings and closed areas in our district, province and country.To raise awareness about recycling studies In order to highlight recycling problem we plan to make plastic sculptures from the wastes which are not recycled. We have organized training for our students on climate change. We tried to gain zero waste awareness with the recycling activities carried out. In order to make production without damaging the soil, we made our students practice composting from waste materials.

Effects of climate change

Extreme sudden changes are among the causes of global climate change, and this situation occurs with various sources. The reasons for this situation become stronger with human factors in the main sense. There is a risk of extinction of living things as a result of overcooling and overheating. Even extinct creatures emerge as a result of this warming or cooling situation in nature. Undoubtedly, the most striking one among the causes of climate change is the increase in temperature in the atmosphere. Global heat change is caused by people making various productions and unconsciously changing nature. In the emergence of the global climate change situation, primarily human causes, the depletion of the ozone layer, the increase in greenhouse gases and particles in the atmosphere and the unconscious destruction of the environment can be counted.

Causes and consequences of global climate change

While global climate change threatens the lives of all living things, concrete steps have been taken in many countries to solve the problem. For example, using natural resources instead of fossil fuels in energy production is considered as one of the most important steps taken. The energy produced by solar power plants and water turbines is preferred not only because it is environmentally friendly, but also because it is more economical.

Many studies have been initiated both regionally and globally to solve environmental problems. Sustainable development strategy is at the forefront of these studies. Within the scope of this strategy, afforestation is carried out in many places and the use of chemical pesticides is limited. In this way, it is aimed to protect vegetation and biodiversity.

We wanted to draw attention to climate awareness by installing a vertical greenhouse on a wall in our school, and to draw attention to the fact that healthy products can be grown in buildings and vertical greenhouses by reducing the carbon footprint. In the video conference held with students from other countries, we introduced our vertical greenhouse in our school to the students.

Combating climate change with sustainable agriculture studies

The desire to reach safe and healthy food quickly, to reduce the use of pesticides, to consume less water and to seek practices that do not harm the soil has accelerated the implementation of organic agriculture studies in vertical greenhouses. Vertical farm systems, which are different from the traditional agricultural approach and provide approximately 8 times more growing area compared to other growing environments and greenhouse systems with their multi-storey design, are preferred in order to meet the food need. The purpose of soilless agriculture is to grow crops with excess capacity per unit area. Today, vertical farming practices are practiced all over the world. Those who see the idea that they can do soilless agricultural work on their own balconies and rooftops will be attractive and their knowledge and awareness will increase by producing products with the systems they will create.

Act For a Sustainable Life

As part of the "Act for a sustainable life" Erasmus project carried out in our school, we hosted our students from Poland and Romania at our school this week. We worked together to create environmental and climate awareness. We visited the local managers and gave information about our work. This world is all ours . We must act for a sustainable life

Our Project in the Press

Participants from Poland, Romania and Turkey, students, teachers, parents, local authorities and the press took part in the opening of our vertical greenhouse realized with our project. The mayor, the District Governor, the District Director of National Education and the students talked about climate change and expressed their concerns about the future.Our students, who wanted to draw attention to climate change with sustainable agriculture studies, carried out social awareness activities in their five-day activities.