Çağatay Uluçay İlkokulunda bir yıldır Müdür Yardımcısı olarak görev yapmaktayım.Görevde 17. yılılmı çalışıyorum. 


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School: ÇAĞATAY ULUÇAY İLKOKULU 35 students are involved The average age of the students: 7 Año

Projects 2022


What is the weather? We got the answer to the question. We watched videos with the students.

What is the climate? We found the answer to the question and watched the video.

We talked about the differences between weather and climate.

We watched a video about climate change and talked about it.

I explained weather events and we watched videos.

Students also painted.

2. week

We watched a video and talked about the effects of climate change.

We drew pictures describing the effects of climate change.

We germinated the seeds that came to our school. Then we planted them in pots.

We did a tree planting event.

We did coding work on forests.

3. Week

We watched what global warming is and its causes.

We watched videos and talked about its global causes and consequences.

We held our event on the causes of global warming.

We talked to one of our partners in our eTwinning projects and gave information about climate action.

4. week

What are the greenhouse gas effects?

Causes of climate change?

Zero waste

5. week

I attended the Lego "Build Change" Webinar with my class.

We also created climate awareness with Legos.

6. week

We watched and interpreted NASA's climate research.

We reviewed NASA's simulation of global warming.

We will tell everyone that we need to protect our environment as much as we can.

We continued our tree planting activity.