Asha Thakkar

Co-teacher: Deepal Shah
I work as a Pre- primary Head at CNM School, i'm also  a joint secretary at Early Childhood Association for Mumbai . I  have won the IPN  Inspired Young mind Empowerer of the year Award 2021. My role as a teacher involved brainstorming, aiding and introducing a number of programs all year round that warrants a holistic development of the student. Climate Action Project- Our students connected  with students across six continents on a global platform to raise awareness, plant


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School: CNM & ND Parekh School 40 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 years Año

Projects 2022

The Causes of Climate Change

The students discussed what is climate change, what are the causes of it . They also learnt the difference between climate and weather They learnt the causes of climate change. They were introduced to what is Global Warming and the difference between it and Climate Change .Global Warming is the gradual warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and surface. For this, you need to picture the entire planet increasing in temperature, not just one area. Climate Change is a long-term shift in weather patterns caused by Global Warming. It means a change to the local ecosystem, rather than just a change in temperature. 

Effects of Climate Action

The Effects of Climate Action , The students learnt about rising temperature , rising sea level, unpredictable weather patterns land degradation and loss of biodiversity and wildlife.

What are the causes and effects globally

The students learnt about effects of Climate change globally-  Increase in ocean level, Melting of ice glaciers, Migration of animals, Floods in cities located near coastal areas, Increase in wildfire and forest fire, Heat waves, Frequent storms, Droughts ,Loss of biodiversity and Higher ocean temperatures. They also learnt about causes of climate change globally-  Pollution, Green House gases, Increase in Carbon dioxide , Burning fossil fuels, Cutting down the forest, Transport and Vehicles and Increase in waste

What are the potential solutions

The students leart about potential solutions for climate change, wiser use of transportation, making use of public transport, carpool, planting more trees, stopping cutting of trees , reducing the use of energy consumption.-shutting down of computers, choosing the right light, unplugging idle devices turn off lights when not in use.

Call to action

The students attended a webinar by Lego, participated in a challenge .Learnt to get into good habits and turn off lights and electronics when  not using them. how wasting natural resources and energy harms the planets. Recycle things so they can be turned into something new.

Students take action

The students participated in a Flash Mob during a Grand event to spread awareness of climate action. The students made posters , went for a walk around the vicinity to spread the awareness among the community.


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