Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic

Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic

Co-teacher: Davor Sijanovic
She was born on July 12, 1974 in Vukovar. He completed elementary school and 1st and 2nd grades of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Gymnasium in Vukovar and due to war events continued his secondary education at the Varaždin Gymnasium. At the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, he enrolled in the program of computer science studies, the direction of Information Systems and gained seventh degree degree and the professional title graduate informatics. At the College of Teach


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Gymnasium Vukovar, Class 2.C
School: Gymnasium Vukovar 20 students are involved The average age of the students: 16 År

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project - Gymnasium Vukovar - Let's Go Green Together!

Gymnasium Vukovar is a proud holder of the Golden Status of the International "Eco School" and is also an e-School that is undergoing a process of complete informatization of the school itself and teaching processes in order to create a digitally mature school for the 21st century. Incentive to implement various environmental activities and projects with the aim of meeting the set guidelines for environmental education! Gymnasium Vukovar has set itself a priority task which in the process of education will systematically act in accordance with a responsible attitude towards the environment and the way of its preservation because only in this way can initiate change and prepare students for decision making and active action in accordance with the principles sustainable development. All our efforts so far, efforts and activities have resulted in raising environmental awareness, motivation and personal responsibility for the environment.

Let's Go Green Together! Climate Action Project

When e-waste is exposed to the heat, toxic chemicals are released into the air damaging the atmosphere; this is one of the biggest environmental impacts of e-waste. Those toxic materials can then seep into the groundwater, affecting both land and sea animals. Electronic waste can also contribute to air pollution. How much does e-waste contribute to climate change? What can we do in collaboration with other schools and countries?

ELECTRONIC WASTE Environmental Issues 

E-waste can be toxic, is not biodegradable and accumulates in the environment, in the soil, air, water and living things. For example, open-air burning and acid baths being used to recover valuable materials from electronic components release toxic materials leaching into the environment. It is also worth considering the effects electronic goods have on climate change. Every device ever produced has a carbon footprint and is contributing to human-made global warming. Manufacture a tonne of laptops and potentially 10 tonnes of CO2 are emitted. When the carbon dioxide released over a device’s lifetime is considered, it predominantly occurs during production, before consumers buy a product. This makes lower carbon processes and inputs at the manufacturing stage (such as use recycled raw materials) and product lifetime key determinants of overall environmental impact.

Solutions for climate change Systematic Energy Management

A lecture on the topic: Solutions for climate change was organized for the students of the Vukovar Gymnasium Systematic Energy Management held by Darko Pavlović,, senior research associate, advisor to the President of the Management Board of Plinacro and introduced students to the energy transition, global greenhouse gas emissions and the problem of methane emissions. After the lecture, the students made their views and presented their solutions that can reduce the consequences of climate change.

eTwinning project The green changemakers 

We have launched an international eTwinning project The green changemakers .Project aims to innovatively develop and implement education programs for sustainable development through the development of competences and active participation of students in the field of sustainable development while strengthening the partnership between schools and local communities in raising awareness of sustainable development.The activities will encourage students to act and initiate actions aimed at achieving SDGs and sustainable society in its entirety.A series of educational, practical and creative activities and methods of innovative and experiential learning will raise the level of knowledge, awareness and skills for the adoption of green lifestyle in accordance with sustainable development. Informing the public and media about the importance of the topic as well as project implementation, will promote project activities, the importance of sustainable development, environmental and nature care and environmental action, all with the aim of developing a sustainable community.

Gymnasium Vukovar - school interaction Climate Action Project

The video contains numerous activities of Vukovar high school students in interaction with students throughout the Republic of Croatia and abroad, all with the aim of ensuring sustainable development. In the video, clips of numerous activities related to achieving the goals of sustainable development are shown. Students of the Vukovar Gymnasium are active in numerous humanitarian, volunteer, cultural and sports activities, as well as activities related to the well-being of the local community.


Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic
Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic
Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic
Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic
Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic
Images by Sanja Pavlovic Sijanovic 2021-12-12Pavlovic Sijanovic