Olinda Morais

Professora de Francês e de Cidadania

School: Agrupamento de Escolas de Airães, Felgueiras-Porto 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-12 År

Projects 2021

Act Small, Make a Difference

We are gathering, for the second year, more and more students to participate on the Climate Action Project. This year, and since we are beginning an eTwinning project called "Green Inclusion", we are also integrating students with special needs. Also, as we've just been approved with a small scale Erasmus+ project about the environment, why not bringing it all together?

We aim to raise awareness about the real problem of Climate Change and make the students, with small actions, make the difference.

So, we'll continue our greenhouse improvement, have workshops with a biologist about topics such as how to create a forest, aromatic plants and their uses, composing and permaculture.

By the end of the project we aim to have a nice vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants garden and have, at least, three composing containers at school and in places around our school.

Climate change effects

Alterações climáticas - soluções

Alterações climáticas - soluções


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Images by Olinda Morais 2021-10-26Morais