I like to keep positive attitude

Olha Horielova

Co-teacher: Valeriia Fashchilina
I teach English at school for several years and maintain interests in different projects especially if it touches issues that are occupied all over the world. To be part of such team is to feel needed and useful.  I like to help students develop their teamwork, and to do it in a setting where they work on projects. Teaching allows me to share my knowledge and experience with young minds. I hope that my passion for the job and my desire to make progress in other aspects will help to op

They inspire me!
School: Vinnytsia Comprehensive Secondary School 33 30 students are involved The average age of the students: 13-15grades År

Projects 2021

Let's give a chance to the next generations

The Earth is the place where we live,it is our home and this home is in great danger. The main task is to protect it and appreciate all it gives to us. If the humanity change nothing in a thousand of years our planet will not exist. We should start doing something and give a chance to next generations to live in a peaceful and beautiful home.


This morning autumn coolness  didn't spoil the mood of our changemakers. On the contrary, the experts say that this is the temperature needed for planting trees. We not only worked but also  relaxed together in the fresh air. Perhaps in  years these trees will grow taller than those who planted them)
The trees have been planted and a good day has begun. 
Saving our planet from an ecological disaster by planting  trees was enjoyable and useful.

When climate change knocks at your door…

YES! We are all different! Different customs, different foods, different languages…

But we look up at the same sky, stars, sun and moon…

They connect us and needs our help.

That’s why today we are together in one project Climate Action!

solutions for the climate

It is not a secret that global climate change has become one of the most pressing environmental problems. Climate change causes different weather disasters, floods, strong winds, hurricanes, tsunami  droughts and many others. But the mankind can prevent it by eating vegan diet that will save animals, riding a bike instead of using a car, planting trees, developing green, renewable sources of energy, developing programs to limit food waste etc. Together we can save our planet!

How it was ...

Humanity can and have to change its way of life and learn to live in harmony with nature. Our generation has the last chance to stop irreparable damage to the planet and its inhabitants, and children today have more opportunities than ever before to help save our planet from pollution and waste. Children from an early age can  make resilience choices and form habits that will benefit our future. And we are here to help them doing the right choice.

New generation

Climate Action Project gave us a chance to understand how close climate change is to us, to realize that the future depends on our behavior, to make new friends and to share our ideas among other people to protect our world.


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