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School: Colegio Latino 55 students are involved The average age of the students: 12 År

Projects 2022

What is causing climate change.

After having a whole week studying causes of Climate change, the class defined what it is, conluding that it refers to long-term changes in temperatures and weather that affect ecosystems and that is for us, mainly produced by human footprint.

Also, during the first week, our students worked on analyzing and working together on the causes of Climate Change.

They drew and illustrated what the Climate change is for them and the main causes.

As we are working with secondary students, some pupils were doing campaign to teach primary students about climate change causes and summarizing the information collected into padlet so that other students can see their work week by week.

Knowing the Climate Change Effects

Our students are totally committed to campaign against the main factors and the effects producing Climate Change, that is why they know that educating younger generations is a chance to reduce the effects of it. Our students concluded that the main effects of Climate Change are, oceans pollution, longer droughts affecting harvest, melting glaciers and ice sheets, sea level rise, and more intense heat waves.

Our students decided to do campaign with Primary level in our school through storytelling to make sure we are a bigger community working for the recover of our Earth and to warn about these effects. At the end of this week, our students worked on padlets to set all effects of Climate change.

Also, our students had the virtual conference about how the effects of climate change affect our ecosystems, especially our endemic plants. With this information pour students are trying to avoid the loss of these important plants and that is why the started the project: Recovering our Endemic Plants.


Week 3. Colegio Latino. other effects globally

Our students are working every day on their projects and campaigns against the effects of climate change. They know that it is a difficult task but not impossible, because the struggle leads to changing the mentality of people who think that climate change and its effects are not serious until today.

They know that the global effects of climate change are catching up with us if we don't take action to help our planet. In our school we know that it is not only about how the environment looks, but how it affects us day by day even in our health.

In addition to damaging the ecosystem and biodiversity, it is not uncommon to mention that as a result, so many species are in danger of extinction. 

The burning of fossil fuels is definitely causing pollution and irreversible damage, although we know that these environmental threats are almost irreparable, we still have time to stop and do our bit.

solutions form our students. Colegio Latino Mexico

high school consider that the main causes of climate change is the human activty, specially the fossil burning producing greenhouse gases, they also know that these human prints are producing the loss of sea ice, sea level rise, and more intense heat waves.

Our students have the commitment of taking action to encounter the effects Climate Change. They have been working hard on school projects year by year, according to the Sustainable Development Goals, that are the framework of all our projects. This year, our students are taking innovative measures in order to create sustainable societies .

Our primary and high school students are working on the school garden, which contributes to a healthy life and they can learn about productive gardening, biodiversity and sustainability, they are alworking on a campaign to make compost and teach our young students to make it.

One of the solutions proposed by our students is undoubtedly to educate new generations, education based on the 17 sustainable development goals, with this we guarantee that the new generations continue with the efforts that are currently being made in favor of our planet.

Interaction with other countries and schools

During the interaction week, our students had the opportunity to share their experiences and actions with students from different parts of the world.

During the video call, we were able to share all the actions that have been carried out over the years, from our school gardens, academic projects based on the 17 sustainable development goals, as well as the campaigns we carry out in our community, from cleaning our nearby beaches, planting trees, collecting plastics, etc.

We had the opportunity to work with 3 schools to collaborate: Mumbai Public school from India, with Chascomus Public school from Argentina, and Eyitayos School from Nigeria.

Our List of solutions.

Colegio Latino, Mexico.



Our students throughout their training and since the beginning of our school, know the importance of our resources and their relationship with the balance of our planet, which is why, over 6 weeks they adopted the commitment to contribute with small but significant actions.

They know that the conservation and care of our planet is not only the task of one, but of all and that is why they decided to make various campaigns that encompass our community, that is, both students, parents, teachers and society in general.
For them, the list of solutions and measures to counteract the effects of climate change is endless, however, they consider that the most important are :

1. The care of water: In this campaign the secondary students transmitted a significant message to our primary school students, thereby ensuring that the younger generations are firmly aware of the use and care of this important natural resource.

2. Also, our high school students, from 2dn grade, have been working in the school garden; here students and parents are working together, In such a way that the entire educational community raises awareness about healthy lifestyles but also about caring for our planet and the soil. In addition to the school garden, they campaigned to plant endemic trees in our region and carried out organic pesticides in the laboratory with the help of chemistry teachers for the protection of the school garden.

3. Another of the solutions that students propose to help our planet, is undoubtedly the circle of the 3Rs, reuse, reuse and recycle. For this we have the presence of an expert in recycling, business leader of one of the most important recycling organizations in our region. She shared with the whole school, the necessary guidelines for recycling, that is, the specifications to separate and recycle various plastic containers.

4.Another of the measures that our youngest students have adopted in order to safeguard and protect our planet, is the care of our biodiversity, especially our hummingbirds and bees, knowing in advance that both species have a fundamental role in the biodiversity on which we all depend to survive, that is, they are important pollinators.

5. Also our students created the 2 projects: Science fair; where they present their creations and sustainaible products, with environment friendly materials, and Open Class, where our primary level students present their recycling projects.

Our students know that part of their academic training leads to contribute not only for 6 weeks to the care of our Earth, we know in advance that these and other actions must always remain so that new generations have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits, benefits and natural beauty of our planet.


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