Climate Vs Weather

We discovered a real problem

Dialogue between Nature and Man

Amy Bivin

I am American and I currently teach 2nd and 3rd grade English, Geography, Science and Technology in an international bilingual school in Rome, Italy. I have been teaching since 1991 around the world (North America, South America, Asia, and Europe). I am a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, trained in Teaching SDGs. I feel strongly about bringing the world into the classroom and taking my students around the globe! I am passionate about engaging my students by connecting them with real world experiences.


Cristiana Pivetta

Cristiana Pivetta is a teacher of Literary Subjects at the Angioy Institute of Higher Education in Carbonia.
For years she has been involved in online and face-to-face training on the intelligent and strategic use of technologies in daily teaching. Her approach to the use of technology, as an Innovative Design, is simple: first common sense, didactic objectives and skills, then the use of different tools in a strategic key and strongly guided by a careful application of the correct methodology.