When we are recycling, we are saving the climate!
Week 4

Placed by Marija Radicevic 2020/Oct/25
PU "Vini Pu"
Europe Serbia

Climate Action Project
Week 4

Placed by Monica Nistor 2020/Oct/25

Climate Action Project, Week 4
Week 4

Placed by Dorina Vacari 2020/Oct/25
IP Gimnaziul nr. 2
Europe Moldova

Climate Action Project (week 4)
Week 4

Placed by Ana Belén Yuste 2020/Oct/25
IES Consaburum
Europe Spain

Climate Action Our Solutions
Week 4

Placed by Mariana Picovici 2020/Oct/25
”Teodor Murășanu”
Europe Romania

The effects of climate change
Week 2

Placed by Monika Khan 2020/Oct/25

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