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After 4 weeks of intensive brainstorming, my 37 Students (from La Purísima EFI Valencia - Academic French Subject, aged 16 to 18) are being almost 'experts' in #ClimateActionP. 

Yet, we haven't totally finished our Adventure: with the last but not the least part of this awe-inspiring Project, we are going to keep sharing solutions with our local community and other worldwide schools taking part in this global project and we will actually take Actions with #PlantED at the end of November to plant Trees in Naquera township, a village near Valencia in Spain. 
We will also set up an exposition to divulge all the great ideas that our students came to in order to inform our School Community about the Climate Change issue in a didactic way.


So that, the Educational journey undertaken in early October will go on to keep us aware of the delicate situation we are all in!!!

Indeed, we still have a long way to traverse as Global Citizens but it has been a smart start to begin acting as individual human being to help changing the predestinate future of our Planet Earth if we still conduct ourselves that way... 


As teacher, I must also enhance that I've been learning a lot, thanks to your great Lesson Plans Koen, and that I'm looking forward to endorsing the next mission.


Solutions PLEDGE

- In the schoolyard and at home: Separate to Recycle correctly: Reuse, Repair and Donate. Donate clothes, school supplies and books from previous courses to NGO associations to also be in solidarity with the needy. Promote zero-waste break: reusable lunch boxes and flasks.


- Reduce the use of polluting means of transport avoiding air travel, cars ... using public transport, bicycles, or going on foot to the hangout sites, driving hybrid or electric cars.


- Do not buy harmful products for the environment of multinational brands that only care for economic benefits to the detriment of climate change: extensive livestock, felling of trees for macro farms and palm oil plantation ... Ban addiction to excessive consumption in favor of local markets and seasonal products: healthier habits to stay fit. Reduce meat intake.


- Go to the purchase with your reusable and eco-friendly cloth bags both for the purchase of fruit and vegetables. Also go with glass containers for bulk purchase.


- Thus promote a much healthier lifestyle for both us and our Planet. As young people of a globalized world, show interest in what surrounds us locally: concentrate to demand that the national and local government make the appropriate decisions on our behalf in the face of global warming: boost renewable energy: solar panels and wind energy in the Mediterranean  area for example, and beautify cities with urban gardens, where ecological fertilizer collected from organic and non-pesticide waste and massive tree planting will be used ... urban helmets without cars but parks.