Istituto Marymount

This week Marymount 3B students investigated “What is happening locally due to Climate Change?” What are the biggest causes and effects in our community? They invited the Director for Sustainable Development at the Italian Ministry of the Environment to our school and conducted an “interview”.

They discovered that water is the biggest problem Italy has in the climate challenge. 

There are no ice caps but the snow is melting on the mountains. This water goes into the rivers and then the sea. This changes the ocean currents and also changes the level of salt in the sea. This makes it difficult to find fresh sources of drinking water. Also Italy is a peninsula so there is much coastline. There is much erosion on the coast. Also land under the water moves and the ocean levels also rise. Venice is at risk of sinking.

Another big problem is the weather. 

There are long periods without rain. In the south of Italy this causes droughts and then fires. In other places there are hard rainfalls. This causes flooding.