Clontuskert Galway Ireland Week 3 Submission
Week 3

Placed by Kate Murray 2017/Oct/25


Clontuskert's Week 3 Film was delayed due to the onslaught of Hurricane Ophelia. St. Augustine's was closed for Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November. Thankfully all of our families stayed safe and there was no damage to houses or the school.
There was a Red Weather Warning in place countrywide. The hurricane hit the southern coast of Ireland with unfortunately three people losing their lives. The National Emergency Coordination Group met and gave advice to people to remain in their houses during the storm.
Climate Change means that scientists predict more of these weather events will hit Ireland in the future.
The students researched what happened during Ophelia, other storms that have hit Ireland and also what we can do to help stop climate change.
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Brainstorming during Climate Action Project in Clontuskert
Brainstorming during Climate Action Project in Clontuskert
Clontuskert Ireland at Microsoft DreamSpace
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