Climate Action - Week#4
Week 4

Placed by Kamal Preet 2017/Oct/23
Asia India


So what has been your biggest learning from the project? Share your thoughts

Climate Change is a huge problem, so huge that it has an entire UN SDG#13 to itself.  Climate Action requires concerted effort by everyone. As we, students of DPS Bangalore South, work towards doing our bit for climate change, we invite your class to collaborate with us for synchronous mini projects in our classes focussing on the 3Rs (REduce-REuse-REcycle), keeping the environment clean, afforestation, vegetable gardening, celebrating festivals responsibly & saving flora & fauna. 

You can get started by filling up the GREEN AUDIT form to find out where your school actually stands in terms of sustainability, it was our starting point.

To collaborate, tell us a little something about yourself & then gear up for some action...

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