Climate Action - Week#3
Week 3

Placed by Kamal Preet 2017/Oct/20
Asia India


STEP1:  We conducted a green audit to find out where we stand, we later on converted it to an online form to ease global collaboration

STEP2: After much branstroming, we decided that action has to be holistic along 2 lines - 

1. The 3 Rs (REduce-REuse-REcycle)

  • eWaste collection
  • Plastic collection
  • Paper recycling
  • Cleanathon

2. Green initiatives

  • Afforestation drive
  • Setting up a vegetable garden
  • Celebrating festivals responsibly 
  • Planting lemon grass as a bio-repellant against malaria
  • Saving wildlife

This allowed us to target Climate Action on all 3 fronts -

  1. Individually - which helped create awareness at homes
  2. At school - by involving as many classes as possible, it was no longer a project by 6th graders, everybody pitched in...
  3. At community - We also raised awareness about our project in the neighborhood surrounding the school whether in form of green campaigns - afforestation drive, growing lemon grass or our 3R work with ewaste and plastic collection and the cleanathon,  they got to see everything in action

This is just the beginning & we are looking for partners to take our Climate Action forward by collaborating with us. If you are interested fill this form

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Images by Kamal Preet 2020-10-05Preet