Youth Leading Youth: Climate Action Project Internship Program

Alongside our Climate Action Project, we have welcomed a new team of interns to Take Action Global in partnership with Global Citizen Academy, a program launched for gap year students during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking on a variety of roles from social media content management to leading the translation of our climate curriculum. Here is a bit more about each of them:

Hermann Klein-Hessling, Singapore Lead Lesson Translation Project, Research Efforts, Student Mentor

Hermann has overseen translations of the Climate Action Project curriculum. He has led a team of global educators and translation interns, mostly other Global Citizen Academy members. He says that Take Action Global’s accessible climate change curriculum will “help schools around the world address global issues,” so he is excited to be working on this project.

Lena Huang, Hong Kong Social Media Strategy, Video Production, Student Mentor

With her interest in the intersection between climate change and social media, Lena is perfect for her role in coordinating the social media content for the Climate Action Project. She is passionate about using her skills for a great cause, which is what drew her to TAG!

Abbie Nott, United Kingdom Lead Storyteller, Blogging, Student Mentor

Abbie is involved with social media alongside Lena, in particular the blogging side, and is in fact writing this very post! She is interested in using education to spread awareness of important issues, as well as getting involved with the diverse and global cohort of classrooms who are taking part in the Climate Action Project.

Hila Davies, Singapore Student Mentor Program, Video Production, Presenter

Hila has a background in theatre, so has the role of helping present panels linked with the Climate Action Project; this includes the DigCit Summit on 10/14! She was drawn to an internship with TAG because she wanted to be involved with the climate change cause, so this project was fitting.

Caroline Cornett, USA Operations, Class-to-class Virtual Exchange, Climate Action Day Coordination

Drawn to working with TAG due its focus on climate change, Caroline is particularly involved with organising the Climate Action Day on 5th November. She is also interested in the education and student activism aspects, believing in “education to empower the next generation.”

Hopefully you now know our interns a little better. You’ll be hearing more from all of them in the coming week as they are involved with lots of aspects of the Climate Action Project!