DigCit Summit Panel - Using Technology for Good: Reflections from Climate Action Project Youth Leaders

By Abbie Nott

On the 14th October, our Take Action Global interns and Dr Jennifer Williams were featured speakers in the DigCit Summit. The topic was using technology for good, from the point of view of youth leaders in activism; everyone had brilliant insights into this area!

Before we look at the highlights, here is a link to the recording of the panel.

A particular shoutout goes to Hila, who was the co-host of the panel with Jennifer and led the discussions clearly and confidently. Early on, Hila referred to Generation Z as a ‘generation of youth leaders’: I think this perfectly sums up how the Climate Action Project is aiming to encourage young people to become leaders and changemakers in any way they can. 

Hermann also offered some great thoughts about technology being a force for good, especially with his interest in empowering people through STEM and tech. A memorable line of his was ‘technology is everywhere’; this is certainly true, particularly in an age of online presentations like the DigCit Summit. 

There was a question about how young people can make the most impact that Caroline answered with some words of wisdom: ‘students are creators, innovators and are always moving forwards’. She shared how youth being ‘plugged in’ and connected is a positive force, and that if every young person made one small change that they are passionate about then we can collectively have a huge impact.

Hila then posed a fun question to me (Abbie) about how I hope the world will look in 2050. As well as hoping people ‘take to heart’ the climate action message, so we can live in a safer and healthier world, my ideal is a society that is ‘fairer, kinder and more open’. Both of these add up to a 2050 I would be very happy to live in!

Another question about the role of technology inspiring youth was answered brilliantly by Lena, who herself is passionate about ‘leveraging media influence for sustainability awareness’. She was introduced to climate action through documentaries and social media, so knows just how powerful tech can be to create change. 

To finish off this summary, we all answered a question about our best takeaways from the Climate Action Project so far as well as any advice to youth leaders…

Hermann: overseeing translation of the climate curriculum has been ‘awesome’! 

Caroline: seeing united youth around the world has reminded her ‘borders don’t define us’, with the advice to take any small action, accept change and grow from it.

Abbie: it has been amazing to share more about the project through the blog and to see so many pupils who are empowered by CAP across the world, of all ages.

Lena: Take Action Global’s ‘emphasis on highlighting individual passions and strengths’ is really inspiring, and she is so impressed by all the content shared by classrooms.

Hila: advice is to ‘look for the beauty in every day, to give you hope for the future’.

A massive thank you goes to the DigCit Summit for having us, as well as to Dr Jennifer Williams for letting the interns be a part of the panel. We all loved being part of it and sharing our ideas.