الســـيرة الذاتيــة C.V
general data:

Name: Ashraf Mohamed Abdel Hamid Hamed

Position: Teacher of Arabic Language at Abu Dhabi Scientific Council until 20-8-2016
Currently HOD is the Head of the Arabic Language Department and the Arabic language teacher of the 12th and 11th grade at the Shinning star International School in Mussafah.
I'm still at work
Experience: 20 years, including 6 years at the Abu Dhabi Education Council.
Security approval / approval of the board (notification of appointment of educational supervisor )
To work in the profession of teaching and supervision of teachers
Egyptian nationality
Accomplishment / Stay 3 years valid in Abu Dhabi
Specialization: Bachelor of Arts
Specialization: Arabic language
Degree: Pre-Masters (Diploma in Teaching) in Education and Teaching Arabic Language
Permanent address of correspondence: Goods City - Western Region - Abu Dhabi Emirate
Phone: 0505419102 Mobile: 0551728871

Ashraf Mohammed Hamid
Address / City of Commodities - Western Region - Abu Dhabi Emirate 0505419102 – 0551728871