Rodica Plamadeala

Mă numesc Rodica Plamadeala. Activez în Școaala Primară - Grădiniță 90 din anul 2002. Particip cu elevii mei la diferite concursuri naționale și internaționale. Doresc să sensibilizăm cetățenii RM în scopul de a ocroti natura și a preveni încălzirea globală. My name is Rodica Plamadeala. I have been active in Primary School - Kindergarten 90 since 2002. I participate with my students in various national and international competitions. I want to sensitize the citizens of the Re

School: Școala Primară - Grădiniță 90 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 6 年

Projects 2021

Causes of local climate change

The causes of local climate change are: deforestation, air and water pollution by local factors, overuse of fuel transportation.

the effects of climate change

The effects of climate change are: winters are without snow, in spring when the plants turn green the snow falls. Summers are dry.

Water pollution

The Bâc River in the center of the capital of Moldova. His condition from spring to gorge.

Recycling and reuse of plastic.

Recycling and reuse of plastic. Creating new plastic objects used to stop the manufacture of plastic and water pollution with it. Even killing animals and birds.


We donated money to Team Seas.


We plant trees. We recycle.


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