Mehtap Topçu

Co-teacher: Pınar Kayacan


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School: ÖZEL EOSB MESLEKİ VE TEKNİK ANADOLU LİSESİ 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 年

Projects 2021

Climate Action Project week 1

Climate is changing!

It is time to raise awareness for climate change.

We work and study at a vocational high school which is located in the industrial area in Eskişehir, Turkey. Therefore, we want to inform employers and employees in this zone  as an action for this project because factories and industries have a huge effect on climate change.

Climate Action Project-Week2 Effects Of Climate Change

Climate Action Project - Week 3

We studied the global effects of climate change this week. Our biology teacher informed the students about the topic during her lessons to make them more careful about the issue.

Week 4

week 5

We have focused on the importance of recyling, as an action, this week. We collected plastic waste in our environment and we threw them out. We informed the students in our school about recyling. We have learned how to make our own natural deodorant.

Week 6

The srudents in the project informed the rest of the students at the school about climate change, what causes climate change, its effects, and what can be done to sloe it down. 

They wrote a letter to Anadolu Gazetesi, a local newspaper.

We made homemade deodorants.