Name-Jaita Sen DOB-12/12/1988 Educational Qualification-M.Sc, B.Ed(Gold Medalist) Professional experience-Geography teacher in the senior section for the past 7.5 years;Head of the Geography Department in school and the Academic Co-ordinator for the middle school for the past 6 years.

School: DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL,HOWRAH 28 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-17 年

Projects 2021

Causes of Climate Change

In the first week of climate action project students researched the causes of climate change and depicted through Comic strips, story boards and video presentations. Students also have collaborated with a brazilian school and shared their work.

URL to Video on OneDrive

Effects of Climate Change

In Week no. 2 our climate enthusiasts have worked in following ways:

1. Researched the various effects of climate change locally and globally

2. Prepared craft items integrating cartoon characters and effects on climate change

3. Did blog writing

4. prepared a role play on various effects

5. Developed a website to portray the effect of climate change across different continents

Climate Change- local to Global

 Climate action logo designing

flag/poster designing effects of climate change

 Transition of climate change past and present brochure making

Data analysis and presentation and predicting future changes in climate-india among asian countries(individual)

Collaboration with a Brazilian school and a school in maldova, east europe

Solutions to Climate Change

Students made a video sharing innovative ideas to solve the increasing effects of Climate change locally and globally.

Climate Action- Finding solutions

Students found innovative solutions to minimise climate change locally and globally. The solutions were presented virtually infront of the mentor Ms. Carla from switzerland and was quite appreciated by her. Students attended the lego workshop and enjoyed the fun learning.


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