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Gabriela Nedelkoska is a English Language Teacher at Koco Racin Elementary and a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, FON University. She graduated from Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University, Skopje, and she gained her MA at the same institution. She is currently working on her PhD thesis Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by University Students in an ESP Context, at New Bulgarian University, Sofia. Her research interes


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School: Koco Racin 25 students are involved

Projects 2021

Week 1, OOU Kocho Racin - Ohrid

In the first week of the project we discussed with the students What are climate change? Then each of the students drew a drawing on Climate Change through our eyes. The students also created their own eco avatars in the Bitmoji tool with which they introduced themselves.

Week 2, OOU Koco Racin - Ohrid

During the second week of the project, students researched the issue online and after a brief discussion about the validity of the sources and whether everything “out there” should be taken for granted they elaborated on the effects of climate change and ways to prevent it. Since we did this in the English class, they practiced the relevant vocabulary. Then they prepared written notes with slogans and messages covering environmental issues. Then they formulated questions to compose a survey and find out how other students in our school feel about climate changes.

Week 3 OOU ''Kocho Racin'' - Ohrid

This week we met with students from Mumbai, India. At the meeting, students first presented what they have learned so far within the project, and then there was a joint activity in Padlet where everyone wrote down three solutions to the effects of climate change.

Week 4 OOU ''Kocho Racin'' - Ohrid

During the fourth week of the project, we discussed with the students the solutions for overcoming the effects of climate change. Each student in the Padlet tool listed at least three solutions. Then we immediately took action to implement some of those solutions.

Week 5 OOU Kocho Racin - Ohrid

This week in the project was filled with many activities. First we followed the webinar for Lego Climate changes, then we created Lego products ourselves, and then we reused the waste with which we created a mathematical forest. Finally, we sent our Eco messages to the world to protect our planet from climate change.

Week 6 OOU Kocho Racin

Within the final week we implemented some of the proposed solutions and noted the effects. We wrote letters to the Mayor asking for recycling bins for our school as well as aid in decorating the yard. 


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