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Co-teacher: Denise Judd
Large coastal primary school in a socially deprived area of South East England, 5 minutes walk from the famous White Cliffs, can see France on a clear day across the English Channel. We are fortunate to have large school grounds in which we have a Forest School. We have embedded Global work and the SDG's across our curriculum. We participate in the annual RSPB 'School's Bird Watch' every January/February. We have held the British Council's International School Award continuously since 2005 and p


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School: Folkestone St Mary's CEP Academy 84 students are involved The average age of the students: 5-11 年

Projects 2021

Climate Action...Deforestation

Our young Climate warriors. age 5-6., were introduced to this Climate Action project, through a hand puppet Orangutan and listened to the story about deforestation in his home in Borneo.

They learnt about the Orangutan we've adopted and how trees are being cut down and planted with Palm Oil trees. They learnt about the animals in these rainforests that are endangered because of the loss of the Rain forest.

They felt very sad about the loss of trees and animals.


Year 5 & 6 Global councillors at Folkestone St Mary's CEP U.K thought about all the problems that occur with Deforestation, having written a list of these, they then made a short video. This is a group with some special education needs.

Endangered Species due to Deforestation

Our youngest group of Global Councillors (5-6 years with learning difficulties) have been reading the story of the 'Wild Tree House of Borneo" They learnt that our adopted school Orangutan called Zorro, lost his home & parents due to Deforestation. Using an Orangutan hand puppet and the face masks they made, they have made short video of the need to save our Rain Forests.

Results of Deforestation

9 & 10 years share their views about our adopted school Orangutan as part of our work on the effects of deforestation.


Tree Planting

We've planted a Dogwood Tree for our partner school in Banlgadesh this term.

We've planted over 400 trees in the past 4 years. We've ann Oak tree for Tunisia and our partners in Malaysia and a Silver Birch for our Finnish partner.

We've measured the height and the girth of these trees.

Tunisia have planted an Olive Tree for us.

Forest of trees for COP26

Contributing to the pledges and messages for COP26 leaders, by creating our own tree in school & combining messages from our partner schools


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