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Co-teacher: Ilișescu Delia


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School: Școala Gimnazială „Ion Irimescu” Fălticeni 35 students are involved The average age of the students: 10 年

Projects 2021

What is climate change?

During the first week of the project, the students from 4th grade Step by Step from "Ion Irimescu" school tried to find the aswer to the following question: what is climate change? Helped by the "I know, I want to know, I have learned" method, we found out what the students knew and what their curiosities were about this subject. At the end, after viewing some presentations and videos, we completed the last column of the method metioned before. 

Efectele schimbărilor climatice

Students watched a video with the effects of climate change. Later, using an observation sheet, they went for a walk to observe the effects of climate change in the locality. One of the observed effects has been the presence in recent years, on the lake near the city, of swans, which have found here the perfect place to be able to get through the winter.

The global effects of climate change

After visiting the locality, the students returned to the classroom and studied the global effects of climate change. Then they were challenged to express their own opinion on this subject through presentations, PPTs, drawings or literary creations (texts or poems).

Potential solution for climate change

Week 4 was dedicated to finding solutions to the identified problems. The students planted trees, created ecological virtual cities, made huts for the birds that will stay over the winter in our city.

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Virtual meeting

The students watched the LEGO webinar "Build the Change" on Youtube. They also had an online meeting with Dr. Dragoș G. Zaharescu, biogeochemist, researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and a long-time collaborator of Biosphere 2, on which occasion they found out what is the perspective of a researcher on climate change and what could be the solutions to counteract their effects.

The future is in our hands

In the last week of the project, students planted trees, placed birdhouses in the trees to provide shelter for the winter. they proposed an action plan for this school year, in which we find the choice of one day a week for everyone to come to school on foot or by bicycle and a collection of a set amount (2 kg of plastic and 5 kg of paper / per week) of recyclable waste, which they will bring to school, in a selective collection contest in which our school is already involved locally.