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Co-teacher: Annu Elizabeth Ivan


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School: The Charter School, Kochi 25 students are involved The average age of the students: 12 年

Projects 2021

Week 1 - Causes of Climate Change

The causes for climate change was discussed specifically related to our state Kerala, India.  

Week 2 - Effects of Climate Change

We did a brainstorm session so as to know what students felt were the effects of climate change. We took them through a video clipping and had discussions on it. Each of them thought and researched to find out the effects and shared it in the padlet given to them as one of the task. 

Week 3 - Impact - Local to Global

Our students interacted virtually with a 'Climate change expert',   Mr Manoj Chandran, IFS, India who  shared his personal experiences, discussed  the impact of human activities on climate locally and globally. This was an inspiring session which motivated our students, us to think differently and act as quick as possible. 

Thank you to this CAP which truely helps students, educators and all human beings think globally. 

Week 4 - Solutions to help save our beautiful planet, 'Earth'

The CAP Warriors of 'The Charter School' have found out and implemented solutions to help save our planet from 'Climate change'. These are video clippings spreading this awareness .


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Images by Betsie Nitto 2021-11-01Nitto