Amrita Srivastava

Co-teacher: Ms. Manorama Anand

School: The HDFC School, Pune 38 students are involved The average age of the students: 10-12 years 年

Projects 2021

Definition of Climate change and Causes of Climate change.

Students have collated their activities on Padlet. They have presented their views on climate change and its causes.

Effects of Climate Change and Plantation

Students have shared their expreience about climate change and did plantation. They had a onderful experience about plantation.

Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Students explained about Causes and Effects of Climate Change. They have also shared their knowledge about Environmental issues with their peers. 

Solutions to Climate Change

Students have shared their knowledge about solutions to climate change.

Information exchange program under collaboration of students

Students have exchanged their knowledge and research about the related topics to their peers under student collaboration programme.

Taking Action: Plant a tree Poster Making

Students have taken initiative for plantation and spreading awareness through posters in their nearby areas.