Lynn Thomas


I am the mother of four children and a secondary school English Literature teacher with the Grand Erie District School Board. Additionally, I serve as a Digital Lead Learner, am an MIE Expert, Skype Master Teacher, an MIE Trainer, and a Minecraft Trainer. I endeavor to make learning relevant by teaching sustainable development goals, incorporating mental health and wellness, collaborating globally and embedding educational technology in the classroom. I also love supporting my fellow educators in our combined learning journeys in providing innovative learning opportunities that engage and empower learners to be independent global citizens.

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School: Dunnville Secondary School

Projects 2019

Climate change week 1

Climate change causes, effects in Canada, and what might happen in the future.

Natural Disasters

The class researched various natural disasters, their causes and impacts.


Lynn Thomas' class climate action project underway
Collaboration: What is Climate Change?
Collaboration for Week 3 - Solutions!
Playing with the Green Screen