Tatjana Loshkoska

Co-teacher: Silvana Krsteska; Jovanka Angjelkoska
I'm teaching Science and Biology. Proficient at arranging the competitions and assessing the performance of the students (I was tutoring students for Science and Biology Competition and participated in organizing school competitions. Also, I was a member of the comission for Science and Biology competition for primary education - regional, municipal and school sections). I'm participating in School's Eco Project.


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School: Primary School "Kocho Racin" - Ohrid 15 students are involved The average age of the students: 11-13 Year

Projects 2020

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 1

The students in our school participate in numerous environmental activities every year. Although this year the schools in our country started on line on October 5, the students are actively participating in the realization of the Climate Action Project. An online meeting was held in our school with the participants and the difference between climate and climate change has been discussed. They discussed about the causes of climate change. During the first week, the students made their own avatars for the video and made drawings on the topic of the climate change.

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 2

Our team of participants in the Climate Action Project takes care of our planet. For the planned activities for the second week we researched on climate change, recorded the effects of climate change in мentimeters, drew and planted flowers.

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 3

During the third week, the students tried to contribute to the preservation of the planet. They planted flowers, wrote letters to the tree and their favorite flowers. Also, they made posters and drawings related to the tree.

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 4

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 5

Primary School Kocho Racin Ohrid, Week 6


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