Mirela Tanc


prof. Mirela Tanc

First Runner Up Pattern Recognition-E2 Singapore 2018

Winner the Global e-innovation Award 2017

Profesor fondator ACCED

TEDx Speaker

Let's Do It Ambassador

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 

Skype Master Teacher

MIE Trainer

Member of Harvard Learning  Community 

Global Ambassador Teach SDGs

Out of Eden Learn-Harvard-Educator

MSFTEduChat Host

Empatico Participate Fellow

United Nations Delegate for UN Data Forum Dubai 2018 

Building Education 2018 Speaker

NextGen Conference Speaker 2019

 Global Advisory Board Member Foremost Foundation

Școala Gimnazială ”Oltea Doamna” Oradea, România

tel. +40744400542

School: Secondary School Oltea Doamna Oradea

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That's how I understand students from the Oltea Doamna School, Oradea, Romania SDGs 13
Oltea Doamna School Vision
Students of the Oltea Doamna school along with the teachers of geography Bocoi Liliana and biology Zbarcea Claudia in nature
The measures we take are valued by Unicef. Wow! We are honored!
Students from Crisan Ancuța, Codorean Gabriela and Vidican Cristiana also joined the project.
Houses of the future, ecological forest, centrals, etc. created by the students of the Oltea Doamna school in Romania for Minecraft Challenge.
The meeting with Celine Cousteau was great. The tips and information provided are invaluable.
Skype Call
Skype Lesson
Oradea City celebrate