peace ambassador in Rondine Peace Citadel-Agenda 2030 SDGs

Stella Ficai

Co-teacher: Lynette Lee
-Teacher of English at Liceo Linguistico Vittoria ColonnaGCE (Global Citizenship Education-Agenda 2030) in Arezzo Italy  -Teacher of English at Rondine Cittadella della Pace (UN Leaders for Peace Campaign)- Innovative Learning and Teaching Method: Rondine for School (recognized by the Italian Ministry of education as highly innovative to achieve SDG4-  Competence: Global Education , Conflict Resolutions skills, Intercultural Exchanges, UNESCO , UNSDGs


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School: Liceo linguistico Vittoria Colonna Arezzo 22 students are involved The average age of the students: 14 Year

Projects 2020


Global Competence:Learn-Share-Act

Global Citizenship Education:SDGs

Global VS Local

-Cooperative-learning:causes of climate change locally/globally

Weather VS Climate

Watching videos:UN VIDEO-Urgent solutions for urgent times-The World Largest Lesson-Nasa video

Collect pictures of local causes/effects of climate change

Take action:Create your own video



























collecting photos of extreme weather locally and globally




-Local/ global effects of climate change

-collect pictures of local/global extreme weather conditions

-video-conference with a local expert from the rescue service

-create a video for week 2

-cooperative-learning: create a video for week two

-interview an expert from the rescue services Q&As


-Power-point presentation:Water Right Foundation

-CLIMATE CHANGE is a defining challenge of the 21st century.Its CAUSES are deeply embedded in the ways we produce and use energy,grow food,manage landscapes and consume more than we need.its EFFECTS have the potential to impact every region of the Earth,every ecosystem and many aspects of human endeavour.

-teach the environment:

1)the SCHOOL and the NEW GENERATIONS as privileged interlocutors

2)the TREE as an emblem of environment,balance,biodiversity,landscape.PLANT TREES to contrast GLOBAL WARMING

video TD talks :#join in the countdown

Questions to ask during-class -to-class virtual exchange with our CAP sister -school in India(Intelli Pollocks International School) 


-exchange partner from India (Intelli Pollocks)virtual meeting ,interview and power-point presentation

-week 4:lessons scaffold

-video:the 8 most impactful climate change solutions

-reading: solutions to local problems

-On 24th October 2020 WE celebrate UN75anniversary by  Taking Climate Action

- List of requests to  World Leaders 

-video for week 4



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