Sonia Trakroo

I believe in building a strong connection with each student which enriches the teaching-learning process. I am dedicated to mentoring students in developing a spirit of inquiry by nurturing student agency.   On a personal note, I have been exploring my creativity in experimenting with regional cuisines, and catching up on thriller shows on Netflix.


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School: DPS International 12 students are involved

Projects 2020

Week 1 presentation

Students created a PPT listing their shar4ed understanding of climate change, causes of climate change and their personal connection to climate change 

Sonia Trakroo - Week 2

Students have presented their understanding of effects of climate change - using Canva, Power point presentations etc. It is definitely inspiring to see students do independent research and become more responsible citizens of this planet we call our own

Sonia Trakroo - Effects of rising temperature on plants and animals

Sonia Trakroo - solutions to climate change


Images by SEEMA PASRIJA 2020-10-05PASRIJA
Images by Sonia Trakroo 2020-10-18Trakroo
Images by Sonia Trakroo 2020-10-29Trakroo