Amita Sharma

New Delhi

Myself is Amita Sharma. I am from India. I did Master's in Computer Applications .I am teaching Computer Science in S.D Pubic School, Patel Ngr. New Delhi Age Group (11-18) yrs. My journey starts with Microsoft Since 2015 . I am MIEExpert , MIE Trainer, Mystery Skype Master and Skype in the Classroom Expert. I have around 18yrs. experience in teaching. I believe that learning has no age. I started teaching since my college days. I am a passionate learner, explorer and love to share my knowledge with any age group. I am very fervour person . Only my curiosity encourages me to accomplish my task and be the best one can do. I believe in commitment and devotion only this assiduous helps me to be the favorite of one and all. I am always available for my students 24 x 7. I have a feeling that... " Teachers who Love teaching.... teach Children to love learning"

Blessed I worked with Koen and Tammy in their Project Human Differences and Again in Cliamte -Action.

Initiated my Own Global Project with Soheir Zaki from Egypt on "THE WAY TO PEACE"  SDGs Goal16. and Cyber Security and Wellness by De-Pedagogics



School: S. D Public School, Patel Ngr., New Delhi , INDIA

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